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October 23, 1999 - Corson's Inlet

This was a first for me. We decided to break fromregular surf fishing spots and try this new spot on reports that there was some good action here. Unfortunately we got skunked this trip. The setting was very beautiful and the conditions perfect. We got there at around 5:00 and we trudged to the beach.

It was just Big Mike and I for this trip. We both got new waders and were dying to try them out. Orvis River Otters with stocking feet. Sporting Gentleman was having a sale on them. These are my first pair of neoprene waders and I reammly liked them. Got into the surf and they certainly kept me dry! I didn't buy wading shoes for them and I was kind of concerned about wrecking the feet so I just strapped on some sandals to protect the soles. That seemd to work but I need to work on how I do it a little better. Also if a particularly vicious wave comes and your feet leave the ground the wave can rip the sandals right off your feet!

We rigged with Surf Rods and clams as well as fly fishing gear. The fly fishing was just a kind of trial attempt. The surf rods ran with striper rigs and clams. It's kinda amusing as I was rushing around tying Zonkers to use for the trip and I ended up forgetting them on the bench! We fished the beach and worked our way around from the ocean side to the inlet section and got no hits. I did manage to catch a small shiner from the surf so it was not a totally dry trip!

I did get some fantastic pictures that you call all see on the Spots 2 Fish page for Corson's Inlet. Although we did not get any this time you can bet that we will certainly be back!

See Pictures here...