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Why Journal?


Why indeed...  It's kind of odd the way that human memory works. We tend to put the most unpleasant segments of our memories in a deeper place that's harder to find and the good ones at the front. I am of the opinion that life's ups and downs all have some good to offer. Journaling is one way I can maintain the balance of the memory. Also, when done in a reasonable amount of time after the event it serves as a fantastic way to clarify and reflect on what has passed.


In fishing these sessions are like the warm sensation after after a swallow of very good brandy. The warmth of the event after the act. As I assemble my thoughts and review the images I can relieve the moment and recall with uncanny clarity all that transpired and then commit these memories to digital ink to share with those of a kindred spirit.


I hope that some of what I write will find it's way into your minds and that in so doing I may share with you the joys that this pastime gives me.