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Fly Fishing

    I am new to this wonderful form of angling. In speaking with fly fishermen (sorry, yet to meet a fly fishing woman) from the area they often scratch their heads when they discover that I originally hail from Calgary, Alberta, Canada! They often wonder at why I didn't fly fish when I was up there as the Bow River and the other mountain creeks in the area are a Trout Fly Fisherman's equivalent to Mecca. (Oh drown it you guys! I know there's other good steams but I also know the Bow is one of THE world class streams)

    In all honesty I haven't been fishing much since before I moved here to NJ. I used to be HEAVILY into the sport. I remember raiding the public library of every issue of Outdoor Life I could get may hands on. I'd read those suckers over and over and over again. It got so I dreamt in magazine ads! You know those crazy Stren and Berkley ads where the fish is breaking the surface of the water thrashing around? Well In my misbegotten teens when my other friends were getting a social life I was fishing. When guys would come back from a good weekend some would smell of Old Spice and I would smell of Off!

    Yet in all of the crazy things and ways I fished back then I never got around to learning how to fly fish. Heck I even had the gear! I also had a pair of hip waders that I used to get me closer to the eddies and pools the trout love to gather in. Yet back then I was a worm drowner (or maggots depending on the prey). I used to watch all of those guys in the float boats drifting down stream with the current with a guy manning the oars while another was at the prow casting lazy arcs into the water. I was often mesmerized by how those guys could throw the line almost effortlessly and how they managed to control all of that line in the air. But heck! I was catching trout! Back then it was 6 to 8lb test with a single split-hot with a k-mart fly tied to the end with maggots on the fly.

    But now I finally dusted off that that gear I bought waaaaay back in my teens. Now I suppose I should divulge my gear... However, I should state that I am not a "name brand" line chucker. I tend to go with what I originally had! I am using a Diawa Black Widow 8wt fly rod with some Cortland Floating line (it's kind of orange) the reel is quite good for holding line but not much else.

    I have to thank Steve Jones for initiating me into the mystic arts of fly fishing. After a short half hour I was casting quite well. Now I can get quite far out assuming I have room for the back cast. The bag of tricks for casting is still getting filled up but soon I hope to learn more. I really need to get some other people to fish with me so I can watch them cast. Sufficed to say that all of the fishing I am doing here so far is Pond and Lake fly casting. I know I'll have to face a river sooner or later but I am holding off until I get better control of the rod and line.

    Of course the Fly Tying is the next thing right? Can't get half hooked... So now I have a nice Thompson Pro Vise and various accoutrements of this arcane art. I've even got a book or two I stare at in an effort to discern the means to re-create what I see. In this I have some help from the fellows at the "Sporting Gentleman" in Media and one of my Co-Workers at the shipyard Tom Fink. Tom's quite good at the fly tying and is doing a bang up job with showing me a thing or two.

    So anyways. These pages will be like a fishing journal that I will use to show results of my various trip. I'll also try to show the flies I am using to catch them with. Sometimes they might even be flies I've tied! The only warnings I'll give are that the full size images are quite large. The thumbnails should be ok for the most part. Also I would ask that if you want to use any of the images or content on these pages please be sure to acknowledge me in some way and also to e-mail me and let me know. But aside from that knock yourselves out!

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