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October 19, 1999

    New Brooklyn Lake is adjacent to New Brooklyn County Park. The park has a small pon on it that recently had a dock added. As a matter of fact I am certain that the dock had just been recently completed. I stopped by today to just look over the pond. The leave have begun to fall and they are starting to clutter the waters surface. It was a strange dichotomy as the water was dead calm and the riotous colors of the fall foliage was a stark contrast to the mysterious dark waters. This lake has shown a good population of Blue Gills that range from 3" to 7" in size. Also some small channel cats and a good population of turtles.

    New Brooklyn Lake is a dark brown cedar water Lake it is over grown with sections of very thick weeds. These weeds are so thick that you can actually stand on the weed patches and only sink to about the ankles and calves. Very much like a floating carpet on the water. These patches make for challenging wading and make casting a true test of patience!  So far I have caught Pumpkin Seed Sunfish, Blue Gills, Pickrel and Shad in this lake.