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November 20, 1999


Hello Everyone!

Spent a wonderful day at the fly International Fly Tying show being held
in Sommerset, NJ at th Double Tree Inn!

I drove up around 9:00 in the morning and arrived close to 11:00am. A
nice jaunt through the NJ Turnpike and a rousing game of avoid the idiot.
Traffic was a bit heavy northbound at this time of day and I was
wondering what all of the travel was for... Still a nice day to be out.
Must have reached into the high 60s (Farenheit) and it made for a balmy

After checking in with the convestion ($12.00 admission) I proceeded with
bulging eyes and aching desires into the exhibition area. There were all
manner of tyers from around the world present. Seeing as I was not really
intending to do a full review I of course neglected to take notes and
names. One notable exception was a car in the parking lot with the


Which make me think that someone who frequents this news group was
there... I wonder who (Like a dodo I didnt'e note the state of the

I circulated through the exhibition area watching several people tying a
variey of flies. Noteable was a fellow Canadian from Ontario: "Sheldon {I
forgot his lastname)" I have some snaps of his wonderful quicky bead
nymph work as well as a nice Damselfly larvae he tied. I'll be posting
those on the website sometime tomorrow. I'll post again to tell you when
I've got this done. Then I ran into some wonderful spun deer hair work
from Robert K. from the Barnegat area. He graciously gave me the sample
popper he tied for me as well as reassuring me that my first attempt at
tying a deerhair bug was not a write off. I'll also be posting some
examples of his work.

Then of course there were the sales. I picked up a bag of miscellaneous
saltwater and bass bug grade feathers from Collins Hackle Farms as well
as a very nice brown commercial neck. Collins Farms sells the neck along
with the saddle. The one I got was only fifteen dollars and the feather
quality was quite nice. I am going to order a grade one hackle set in the
new year and see now that is.

Another shop was being run by a fellow whose was flooded and I got some
nice salt water Mustad stainless steel hooks for half price along with a
Cortland 333HT Saltwater Taper line for $15! This was a great deal! In
retrospect I should have also bought the 5wt as well for $10.00! (Sigh)
ah well... I'd spent enough already. The only thing I did not get a
chance to see was a demonstation of the Norvise. I'll have to leave that
til next year!

The best was I got all sorts of neat Ideas and hints on how to tie better
as well as on how to fish the flies I tie! I can't wait to get back out
there! If you're close or so inclined I'd recommend the visit! At the
worst case it's a nice drive but I'm fairly certain that you'll all find
all sorts of goodies there!


Have a look...