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October 11, 1999



This is the last day of my vacation. I wanted to get one last trip out but there were some logistical problems. The wife has a Doctors appointment at 3:00 and I wanted to try to get out to New Brooklyn Lake. Un-fortunately my waders have been driving me crazy! I think there is a section that is too tight and it's cutting off the circulation to my foot as after about fifteen minutes my feet being to ache. So, I decided to keep it simple and I headed over to Lions Park in Voorhees. This is a very small pond just off of Route 73. I tried this spot at the spur of the moment on last Friday and those exploits were the first ones I posted here.


This day was much like that one. The skies were primarily sunny and a few clouds scudded across the sky on infrequent gusts. The sun against the trees cast shadows across the waters. This was perfect! Even the temperatures were fantastic! Heck, back home in Calgary it's already in the sub zero temperatures (Celsius)!


I got a good number of good sized fish on this trip. I was out looking for my bass again but he decided to stay home. The Blue Gills were more than accommodating though. I used a Black Ant pattern (I'll add the pictures later it's getting late) and a variant fly I concocted using some green chenille and black hackle.


The Variant was responsible for a good number of the catches and I am very pleased that they both worked so well. Well with out further adieu here's the photos... Oh, and in these shots I actually had a tape measure. Next time I am going to bring a scale too!


Click Here for the Pictures!